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Thread: Right-to-Carry (RTC)

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    Below is the E-Mail I just received from Mr. Stearns in response to my E-Mail on RTC:


    Dear Mr. Laudenslager:

    Thank you for contacting me regarding HR 861, my Right-to-Carry (RTC)
    Reciprocity Bill. I appreciate your views and welcome the opportunity to

    I believe that a person's right to self-defense should not be limited to
    within a state line. Today, 46 states have laws permitting concealed carry,
    in some circumstances. Thirty-eight states, accounting for two-thirds of the
    U.S. population, have RTC laws. On average, RTC states have 21% lower total
    violent crime, 28% lower murder, 43% lower robbery, and 13% lower aggravated
    assault, compared to the rest of the country. Nine of the 10 states with the
    lowest violent crime rates are RTC states. (Data: FBI.)

    That's why I introduced HR 861 that would allow for a person to carry in all
    50 states if they possesses a valid permit in their home state. These
    individuals will have to obey the concealed weapon laws of the state they
    enter. If the State they are entering does not have concealed weapons laws,
    the national standard provisions in this legislation would dictate the rules
    for carrying concealed weapons in that state. It is important to note this
    bill would not create a federal licensing system. It would merely require
    states to recognize each others` carry permits, just as they recognize
    drivers' licenses and carry permits held by armored car guards. Currently,
    this bill has bipartisan support with 74 cosponsors, and is in the House
    Judiciary Committee.

    Thank you once again for your comments. If I can be of assistance in the
    future on this or any other federal matter, please do not hesitate to
    contact my office again. With kind regards, I am,


    Cliff Stearns
    United States Representative


    Confirmation # 1205699

    I value hearing your opinions, however you should be aware that this is an
    unattended mailbox. If you would like to reply to this message and share
    your views with me, please visit][/url] and email me
    using the "Contact Your Representative" utility. I also encourage you to
    visit my website to learn more about my views at][/url].

    The information contained in this electronic message and/or its attachments
    is intended for the named recipient(s) only. If you are not an intended
    recipient, or the employee or agent responsible for delivering this message
    to the intended recipient(s), do not copy, distribute or rely on the
    information contained herein.

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    That is Awesome.


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