Announcing a Second Amendment Capitol Lobby Day

Gun Owners of California is organizing a protest against the ultra extreme anti-gun Ammunition Registration Bill.

You are invited to come and [/b]protest against it.[/b]
This bill tramples our freedoms. [/b]Take and make time to trample AB 2062!

Lobby for Your Gun Rights!

All Gun Owners, Sportsman, Hunters, Outdoorsmen, and Shooters, are called to JOIN IN[/b].

Gather on the West Steps of the Capitol in Sacramento.[/b]

Come by Van, Bus, Carloads, Plane and Train, but Come! Call all your Friends!

Make your presence felt and your voice heard!

This measure must be stopped[/b] before it gets any further!

Make your plans now to show up in Person[/b]!

You will meet pro-gun legislators and lobby in the offices of anti-gunners!

Date: May 6, 2008 Time: 9:00 a.m.
Place: West Steps of the Capitol in Sacramento 10th and L st.]

For More Information:
Call (916) 967-4970