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Thread: Moving from VT to AZ

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    Hello all. The missus and I will soon be moving to AZ if all goes as planned. So to be proactive I'm creating a list of states that we will be passing through and listing our abilities to carry in them. OC will be the method of choice since I'm not going to apply for permits to CC for half a dozen states simply because I'm driving through them. Here is what I've got so far (pulled from the main page of this very site):

    Traveling in the car:
    VT – No Restrictions
    NY – Not Allowed
    PA – Not Allowed
    OH – Not Allowed
    IN – Not Allowed
    IL – Not Allowed
    MO – No Restrictions
    OK – Not Allowed
    TX – Concealed Only
    NM – No Restrictions
    AZ – In Glovebox or Clearly Visible
    Carrying outside of the car (i.e resteraunts/rest stops/gas stations/etc.)

    VT – No Restrictions (OC/CC W/O Permit)
    NY – Not Allowed
    PA – Anomalous
    OH – Anomalous
    IN – License Open Carry
    IL – Rural Open Carry
    MO – Anomalous
    OK – Not Allowed
    TX – Not Allowed
    NM – No Restrictions (OC W/O Permit)
    AZ – No Restrictions (OC W/O Permit)
    What I could use some assistance on is details for the above states (in particular the anomalous states). Keep in mind that we will be only stopping at the type of areas listed above (i.e. the types you would stop at when traveling only, no sight seeing).

    Thank you in advance to all those who help.

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    IL -- keep the unloaded guns locked in one case, the ammo locked in another. Rural OC has lots of rules and is primarily related to hunting activities. Out of state, no hunting license, not engaged in hunting activities you are going to meet Mr. LEO and lose your gun. Very anti-gun at the state level. Southern IL suffers for the foibles of Chicago politicians.

    MO -- You can carry anyway you want loaded in the car - CC, OC, console, glovebox, holster, under the seat, doesn't matter as long as you are over 21 and legally able to possess the firearm. OC outside the car depends on where you are. No preemption for OC. Lots of towns with different OC prohibitions. You would have to plan your stops and research every place you are stopping for local ordinances if you want to OC outside the vehicle.
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    You don't need half a dozen permits to carry most of the way.

    It would be cheap and fast to get a New Hampshire permit ($20 and 2 weeks from what I hear) and it would cover you most of the way--it would allow you to carry in PA, IN,MO, OK, and AZ. In TX you would have to keep it concealed but that is the only restriction on vehicle carry; in NM you'd be fine with OC both in the car and on foot. Nothing short of becoming an LEO will let you carry in NY or IL, and OH was some funny ideas about reciprocity and car carry as well. Info on applying for a NH permit is here.

    If you wanted to invest a little more time (have to take a class) and money (~$60 fo the permit), a Utah permit would cover you everywhere you could reasonably expect to carry--ie the entire way except for NY and IL. Utah's list of out-of-state instructors is here; there only appears to be one UT instructor in VT.

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