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Thread: Bass Pro policy in town

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    Well after calling the corp headquarters and speaking on the web to a corp agent, I was told that the stores are to follow local and state law regarding guns and that there is no corporate wide policy against them. Here is a email exchange betwen myself and the Vegas store manager today.

    Thanks again for the quick reply.


    I would advise you to check that company policy though as I just got off the phone earlier todayand the website chat just a few mins agoand was told the company policy is that each store sets policy based on local and state law. As I hope you would know Nevada is a open carry state. If this is indeed your stores policy that is your choice. I will be returning the items I purchased from your store yesterday. I choose not to shop in any store that does not wish to honor our rights here in this state. It is unfortunate that a store that wants to cater to the sporting public wishes to turn away law abiding folks such as me. I am sure you are well aware also that anyone wishing to do harm in your store would not stop to have the firearm checked in or abide by your policy or take the time to even ask this question. I will be placing a copy of this email on the forums of

    That is a website dedicated to the law abiding citizen and the right to carry firearms in our country.I will choose to shop at Cabelas or other stores such as Wal Mart that honor our protected freedoms and rights.

    Thanks for your time.

    Steve Weiss

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    Company policy



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    [size=Thank you Ron for the answer. Is that just our local Las Vegas] store policy or company policy?[/size]



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    Bass Pro doesn’t allow unconcealed firearms in the Store. Persons concealing firearms may need to produce a concealed carry license.

    Customers’ wanting to bring firearms to the gunsmith or range must check them and have a lock installed.

    Enjoy The Outdoors

    Ron Rupert

    General Manager



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    Look forward to hearing their reply. I do find it funny myself that "you can conceal, but if you are carrying open legally, then no, you have to put a lock on it".

    Its a shame that a corporate store decides to post their own policy independant of the corporation's actual policy.

    Especially considering that so many other big corporate stores have no problem. I now OC in Best Buy, Wal Mart, Target, Vons, etc... with absolutely zero problems.

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