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Thread: VCDL to have a Richmond membership meeting on Thursday, May 29th!

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    3. VCDL to have a Richmond membership meeting on Thursday, May 29th!

    Richmond VCDL membership meeting set for May 29th at 7:00 PM, ending
    at 8:30 PM.

    Executive member Leonard Harris has arranged for VCDL to have the use
    of a meeting room at the lavish Tuckahoe Area Library in Henrico
    County (only the best for you guys!). This is the same location where
    we have held the several Richmond meetings.

    Fellowship will start at 6:30 PM.

    The meeting is open to the public, so bring along family and friends!

    The address is:

    Tuckahoe Area Library
    1901 Starling Drive
    Richmond VA 23229
    Ph: (804) 270-9578

    After the meeting we will adjourn to a local restaurant for continued
    fellowship. The restaurant does serve alcohol, so open carry will be
    required for those who chose to carry there.

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    Thank you!

    This was a good reminder for me to finally join the VCDL which I just did (sent payment anyway, didnt get any kind of application form).

    I'll be looking forward to meeting everyone!


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