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Thread: OC Report for Clarkston

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    As I've reported before, I OC in both Clarkston, WA and Lewiston, ID all the time. Never an issue! But never been seen by a LEO. Well today was the test. Went to Thai Gardens on Diagonal to pick up my wife from work, and noticed a Clarkston City police vehicle in the parking lot. Thought, what a great chance to test them! So, I grabbed my OC Rights in Washington State pamphlet and walked in; ready for anything.I'm glad to say that there was not another sole in the place. I walked right by him, walked around the place and had no problems! I know he saw my Colt Commander .45 in a minimalist holster on my hip. I'm curious to see if anyone else has had a similar or negative experience in either Clarkston or Lewiston.

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    I have only OCed there once, at a medical facility in Lewiston where I had absolutly no problems, followed by the Home Depot up the hill, then over at Costco in Clarkston with no problems. It seems like a pretty safe area.

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