I picked up a new toy today.It's atwo-tone (black frame, stainless slide) Sig P229 DAK .40 w/nightsigts, and Isnaggeda SERPA to go with it. So, naturally, I needed to go show it off!

I showed up to the Tacoma Walgreens on 6th Ave (& Stevens, I think) and as I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed a TPD cruiser parked in the lot. I went in, walked to the back wall to grab some Aleve, and as I rounded the corner next to the pharmacy pick-up window, I noticed two officers there, one of them talking to the pharmacist. I'm pretty sure, that the second officer noticed me (and my gun) as I walked away back towards the front of the store, but I didn't hear anything. I went to the register, and as I was facing the register, my gun-side was facing the corner where the officers were now coming around. They passed right behind me as I was working the debit card machine,and walked out the door.I figured that they were waiting for me outside, and, about 10 seconds after they went out the door, I had my receipt in hand, and was headed out. They were getting into their cruiser, and had no interest in me or my gun.

Looks like all of the run-ins that Mainsail has had in the past have really started to make a significant movement here in Tacoma. I've had a couple times when I should have at least been contacted by TPD, but they just ignored me. Oh well! Carry on!