class=Box_22653243_DatePosted: Wednesday, 14 May 2008 8:46AM

class=Box_22653243_HeadlineOpen Carry People Make Their Point

WILK's Sue Henry launched the story yesterdayabout an incidentthat happened Friday in Dickson City. Police were called to the Old Country Buffet, where a number of people....sidearms showing...were having dinner.

One of them..Rich Banks, ended up under arrest and a weapon was confiscated after he refused to cooperate with the cops.

The packing patrons were members of "Open Carry-dot-org"...they promote the fact that you're allowed to carry an exposed firearm under most circumstances....unlike carrying a concealed weapon.The incident was in the spotlight at last night's Dickson City Boro council meeting.

Earlier in the day police chief William Stadnitski joined Corbett on WILK...he says his officers made the right call when they took the call.