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Thread: OC in the truck

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    Im a bit tossed when it comes to having a firearm with you while driving around. My normal setup is I get in my truck, and usualy pull out my gun and place it in the center console of my trucks while driving. More comfortable that way for me with the way I sit.

    Am I suppost to lay it out there for everyone to see? Im affriad the people next to me will see a loaded handgun on the dash..and I'll be getting pulled over left and right.. and what if I have a passanger? I can't lay it on the seat.. Any ideas or can someone help me out with this??

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    First off: IANAL nor do I profess to be!!!

    Second: In Colorado, you can drive concealed without a permit.

    Compliments of

    Can I carry concealed in a vehicle or RV without a permit? YES

    18-12-105. Unlawfully carrying a concealed weapon - unlawful possession of weapons.

    (2) It shall not be an offense if the defendant was:

    (b) A person in a private automobile or other private means of conveyance who carries a weapon for lawful protection of such person's or another's person or property while traveling


    18-12-204. Permit contents - validity - carrying requirements.

    (3) (a) A person who may lawfully possess a handgun may carry a handgun under the following circumstances without obtaining a permit and the handgun shall not be considered concealed:

    (I) The handgun is in the possession of a person who is in a private automobile or in some other private means of conveyance and who carries the handgun for a legal use, including self-defense

    So there ya go. Holster that puppy so it doesn't fall off when ya hit a bump. That lil gripper mat is a great place for spare mags tho, nice and handy!!!

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    Ernie's right on. Concealed carry in your vehicle is an extention of the homestead right to carry on your property. If you don't have a CCW, just make sure it's open when you get out of the truck and stick it in your holster. Few places more gun friendly than CO, with the exception of Denver County, Denver. And I think that will get overriden in the future. Makes no sense and only exists because one Justice had to recuse himself which led to a tie vote in the COSC.
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    Just a point for discussion here, not meant to be dogging anyone.

    If you can lawfully carry your weapon in your vehicle, in a holster. Why take it out.

    Some reasons I wouldn't lay it anywhere in my vehicle.

    1. On the dash, people can see it. BG's now know you have a weapon in your car. If you happen to go into a CPZ and have to leave it in the vehicle, they have a good chance of stealing it.

    2. It's gonna go flying all over the place if you have an accident or even if you have to just stop quickly.

    3. If you are in an accident and for some reason need your weapon. Your gonna have to find it. And since it's not wearing a seat belt it could be ejected from the vehicle.

    I can see it now... You've had an accident. Your not seriously hurt, but your gun got ejected from the car. Your out looking for it as the police arrive.

    Officer: You okay sir.

    You: Yes

    Officer: What are you looking for?

    You: My gun.

    Officer: You have a gun?

    You: Yes, in was on the seat, and got ejected when I wrecked.

    Officer: You have a CHL.

    You: Yes.

    Officer: So why didn't you tell me when I first got here.

    You: I'm only required to inform you if I am armed. At the moment I'm not armed...


    Of course this is an Ohio joke... if you don't get it.. ask me.. LOL

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