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Thread: Why carry in Chesapeake? Just dial 911 (and get a recording)

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    The Portsmouth/Chesapeake ATM robberyhad a desperate 911 caller put on hold. Anti's that say just dial 911don't have a real answer when this sort of problemhappens

    The solution would be comical if it were not so sad. Make all dispatchers answer the phone!


    Filed by Andy Fox
    City of Chesapeake scrutinizes its 9-1-1 system after caller gets recorded message

    May 15, 2008 05:13 PM EDT

    May 16, 2008 02:37 PM EDT

    Also on

    Chesapeake: 911 dispatch vacancies will be filled

    CHESAPEAKE, VA. ( -- Chesapeake city officials met following our investigation earlier this week about a man being put on hold while someone was trying to rob him at an ATM.

    "I'm being robbed," you can hear Glenn Roe on the 911 tapes, as he tried telling his story to a dispatcher.

    Then you hear a recording: "Please wait for a dispatcher, who will be with you shortly." confronted Chesapeake's Human Resources Director Mary Bullock.

    No one should be put on hold when calling 911 with an emergency, and the city of Chesapeake doesn't want that either.

    That's why Bullock met with Police Chief Kelvin Wright, where the topic of staffing concerns in Chesapeake's 911 Dispatch center were addressed.

    Some of the new changes that surfaced after their meeting include:

    • New Performance Standards in 911
    • Fill 27 Vacancies on Staff (empty due to a hiring freeze)
    • Everyone on the 10 person shift will answer the phone found that it's not a requirement that all people pick up the phone at Chesapeake's dispatch center, a possible oversight within Chesapeake's 911 bureaucracy.

    Bullock says she doesn't know why this is the case, but says, "...[It's] being looked into. How that if the phone is ringing it will be answered before the call goes into a hold rotation."

    A consultant working for Chesapeake was also in that meeting. He's currently giving a bottom-up review on how the police department operates.
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    ... Because I can't carry a cop.
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    Well, given that 911 is such a new system, it takes some time to work out the bugs. I mean, they've only had what, 15-20 years to address issues with the system?
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    deepdiver wrote:
    Well, given that 911 is such a new system, it takes some time to work out the bugs. I mean, they've only had what, 15-20 years to address issues with the system?
    Twice that, actually. They system was in the planning stages in 1967, and the first 911 call was made in 1968.

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