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Thread: OC in hot weather

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    With warmer and hotter weather quickly approaching, I was wondering what everyone here does (or will do).

    I only started OCing last winter, when long pants were a good thing.

    But what about the warmer/hotter weather?What about wearing shorts? Do you all have "dress" shorts w/ belt loops for carrying? Do you haveBDU shorts? Do you put a gun belt over sweat shorts?

    How do you all dress for the hot/humid weather WHILE carrying a weapon, so that you don't get heat stroke (and don't look like a summer mall ninja freak)?
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    I wear bluejeans most of the time (even in summer), and when I am not wearing those I have cutoff bluejeans. And if neither of those are feasible, I recently purchased a shoulder holster, so I should be good.

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