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Thread: sigh...southern York county OC... and the public

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    Thought to post this in this general OC section since it deals with a problem in all OC states.


    Well I was at a large PA gun store that has classes etc tonight and getting my FL carry permit application packet and having fingerprinting done, and the instructor was also the one fingerprinting, he is an officer with the Southern Regional PD. So I got up some courage and asked him what he and the dept he works for know about OC. He was well aware of it, but doesn't like it! He went on and on about how it is a public disturbance that scares people and yadda yadda, and cited an incident at the Shrewsbury carnival last year where a man went wearing a .357 in a shoulder holster OCing, and how people were scared and the usual sheeple stuff. The police told the man they didn't like he was doing it because of people complaining, and asked him to leave the carnival or cover it up. The man's stated reason for OCing according to this officer was that it's his 2A right. This officer goes on about "in this day and age with armed maniacs, anti gun media,etc" and "maybe if out west somewhere...". Now he was a nice guy and everything, just seems to not enjoy investigating "man with gun" calls I guess.

    I got a general answer to my question of how the local PD veiws OCing, at least this one officer's opinion, can't say if he represents the veiws of the police chief or SP. He also said something about the York county sheriff also frowns on OCing.

    I can't say much more than sigh...groan...sigh. It's not the PD, it's the "sheeple".

    Just wanted to tell what I was told and get input. What next?

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    well, you've got to start somewhere. if the PD or sheeple don't like it, they'll get used to it or ask about it.They just needsome education

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