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Thread: Wrote a letter to an anti-gun business

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    Here is the letter I wrote to Eastgate Liquors, located at 1801 17th street, Cody WY, 82414

    Phone Number: 307-587-3380

    Let me know what you think. Also, please remember to shop elsewhere if you are in Cody. Thanks!


    To Whom it May Concern:

    I was a regular customer at your business, beginning shortly after I turned 21. I enjoyed your wine selection, and found the staff to be knowledgeable about the products. After many visits and purchases without incident, one woman commented on my sidearm, saying it might not be a good idea to carry it, as she thought some of the employees could mistake it for hostility. I explained my position, one of responsible gun ownership, and that of a citizen proudly exercising my rights. She seemed skeptical, but dropped the issue. I paid for my items and left, explaining that the primary reason I shopped at Eastgate Liquors was because there is no bar in the establishment, making it lawful for me to openly carry my firearm.
    I returned several times after this, with my firearm in plain view, with no other employee ever mentioning it. They were all courteous and helpful. Several weeks passed, with me purchasing liquor almost exclusively from Eastgate. Then one day I stopped in and it was the same woman who had mentioned my weapon before. I smiled and made my selection. When I approached the counter, she told me she had told me I could not carry in the store. I tried to explain that I had thought she was making a suggestion, not a demand, and she interrupted me to tell me to leave. I told her that I wouldn't be back if she did this, and she said that that was fine.
    I left immediately, and have not been back. I'm not sure if she was the owner or an employee, but either way, I have not made any purchases at your location since. I was offended at how I was treated, and that I was not welcome simply because I carry a firearm for self defense. I have never threatened anyone with my weapon, and have no intention whatsoever to use it unlawfully. It is strictly for self defense. I do not conceal my weapon, because I feel that having it in the open is a crime deterrent, and because I want others to realize it is legal to do so. What is unfortunate is that if I had concealed my weapon, she would not have known I had it, and this would not have occurred. However, in doing so, the establishment was safer in my way of thinking. Had someone entered the store with the intent to rob it, or harm the employees, they would have been severely dissuaded upon seeing an armed citizen.
    I have spread the story of how I was treated on the online community for citizens who open carry, and asked them, along with my friends and family, not to support Eastgate Liquors. Personally, I will not support a business who is unwilling to support me. I miss coming to the store, as it has, in my opinion, the best wine selection in Cody. But I will not return so long as an anti-gun policy is in place. I will not become a potential victim to please an employee in a liquor store.
    Eastgate Liquors is the only store in Cody I have been told I could not carry in. You should be aware (as I am sure you are) that it is your right to deny service to anyone. However, denying service to someone for simply carrying a gun, which is completely lawful, is offensive to me and others.

    Thank you for reading,
    Cory M. Constein

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    Looks good to me Manka Cat.....let us know if/when you get a response.

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    Great post. Thanks for letting us know about this. I've shopped at Eastgate Liquors quite a few times. I am sorry to hear they are anti-gun because, in my humble opinion, they are the best liquor store in Cody. I loved to chat with the staff. Until I hear otherwise about their anti-gun stance I will not shop there any more.

    If/when you get a reply from the store management please let us know. I certainly hope they will take a pro-gun stance and welcome gun owners back, especially those who carry their firearm openly.


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