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Thread: OC Portland Day 2-3

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    Last week my vehicle starting making sqeuling noises so I had to have the brakes checked out, I took it to Midas on 118th & Halsey and was OCing. Got into a conversation with the manager about the legalities of OCing. He didn't believe you could open carry. Showed him he pamphlet and he still was not budging. He was uncovinced it was legal but they went ahead and took in my vehicle and checked it out and didn't mind me OCing.

    Turned out I needed brakes so left it and picked it up later in the day, when I did the manager stated he stopped in at the Multnomah County Sheriff Office on 122nd and asked about the law concerning OCing and they told him it was illegal but he beleived me it was not and we agreed to diagree.

    They are pro gun and carry concelad overall a ok day.

    Yesterday I went to Safeway at Jantzen beach to turn in a bunch of cans, was in the bottle room for about 10 minutes and went to turn in my slip in the store. Passed white shirt and thier secrity office on the way in, no problems. Waited in line and turned in my slip and collected my money from another white shirt running the register no problems. On the way out passed by the security officer at the front door strong side to him wihtin 3 arms lengths, he didn't even notice. He was too busy playing with his cell phone and not paying attention to anything going on in the store.

    Stopped at Taco Bell at Jantzen Beach beach for lunch before heading home. No said anything and no one even noticed that I saw.

    A nice uneventful day OCing.

    Each day I am getting more comortable with OCing, the 3rd day it was just like carrying concealed. Was not nervous one bit.

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    Overall sounds good. I know there is a training bulletin on here somewhere that Lonnie posted from Beaverton. This might be something to carry along with the pamphlet.


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    I'll work with Lonnie to get in touch with MCSO.

    From: xxxxxxxxxx
    Sent: Wednesday, March 14, 2007 8:11 AM
    To: All BPD Staff
    Subject: Training Bulletin #07-08 Possession of Firearms in Public

    Training Bulletin #07-08 Possession of Firearms in Public Buildings

    Under ORS 166.370, it's usually a Class C felony for a person to possess
    a firearm or other dangerous weapon in a public building, such as City

    There are the exceptions to the prohibition. For example, peace
    officers and members of the military may carry a firearm or other
    dangerous weapons into a public building while engaged in the
    performance of their official duties.

    Also, a sometimes overlooked exception relates to "a person licensed ...
    to carry a concealed handgun." A person holding a valid concealed
    handgun license may carry a firearm or other dangerous weapon in a
    public building, just as if the person were a peace officer or member of
    the military.

    Regardless of whether the person is a police officer, member of the
    military or a person licensed to carry a concealed handgun, the firearm
    or other dangerous weapon does not need to be concealed. It can be
    carried openly or it can be carried concealed.

    When a person enters a public building with a firearm or other dangerous
    weapon and the person does not appear to be either a peace officer or a
    member of the military, a police officer may stop the person to ask if
    they have a concealed handgun license.

    The stop and talk can take place regardless of whether the person is
    carrying the firearm or other dangerous weapon openly or concealed.
    Possession of a firearm or other dangerous weapon in a public building
    is usually prohibited, and police have authority to stop and talk to a
    person who appears to be acting in violation of that prohibition.

    If the person does not have the concealed handgun license in their
    immediate possession, and the officer otherwise has probable cause to
    believe the person is carrying a firearm or dangerous weapon in
    violation of ORS 166.250, the person may be arrested.

    But if the person has in his or her immediate possession a valid license
    to carry a concealed handgun, then ORS 166.262 states that "a peace
    officer may not arrest or charge a person for [carrying a firearm in a
    public building]."

    The above information was provided by the City Attorney's Office.

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    Have you gottena CHL yet?

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