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    It was nice, the Rainiers kicked the living $%(^& out of the Bees, 9-3 IIRC.

    Had a great time, and an interesting experience as well.

    I was carrying 90% concealed, but my shirt lifted up for about 5 seconds and showed my holster, about 5 mins. later I was approached by a TPD officer, who all but sat beside me, and quietly said that someone said they saw me with a gun, I replied, 'yes sir, I have a CPL, is there an issue?'. He replied, 'yes, unfortunately this venue (can't remember the exact word he used) doesn't allow firearms' I asked him if he'd like me to put it in my vehicle, he replied that he'd appreciate it, and he walked away. No asking of DL or CPL, VERY professional, VERY low key and respectful, I went and put my pistol in my vehicle safe, then came back. I asked him if it was a policy of the management, he replied that although the stadium is OWNED by the city, and you would normally be able to carry (covered by preemption), when it's being LEASED by a private company, it's considered private property, and they make the rules. He also stated that even officers were getting upset, because it was a silly rule, and they didn't even let off duty officers carry there. The conversation ended with a handshake and a smile from both parties. This officer was VERY well informed, EXTREMELY polite and non-confrontational. He readily answered my questions, explained the situation in minute detail, and was an overwhelmingly positive experience (minus the having to 'put it away' part). Although I didn't ask, the feeling that I got from the officer was 'out of sight, out of mind', if noone saw it, noone would complain, noone would be the wiser and that it was a policy that he enforced because he had to, not that he wanted to.

    I wish I couldv'e remembered the officers name, as I would fill out a compliment card in a heartbeat.

    I did get the corporate number for the management company, the people there didn't seem to think that carrying with a permit was wrong, but they didn't want to give me the wrong information.

    I would tenatively put Cheney Stadium/Rainiers games on the 'do not patronize' list.
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    Maybe it's just me, but it sounds more like a "Watch List" item than a DNP List item....

    Until you hear from the management company, of course.
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    Those seats are sure a pain for us larger guys. Had I been wearing anything but my Serpa I think it would have tumbled out several times. I plan on CC'ing everytime till the pat downs start and they tell me not to carry.

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