As I've mentioned in another thread, I haven't carried for awhile due to a back injury and letting my license expire. Back is better now and once I get my car on the road again I'll reapply for the lifetime license.

In preparation I was looking at holsters and decided on Tucker's HF1 and The Answer. I figured since I'll be moving up from a Walther ppk/s to a Para Warthog at the end of next month, I should get something better than the Defender bellyband I used before.

But darn the current 6 month wait right? Nope, I lucked out and they had an HF1 and The Answer for 3" 1911 in stock. I got the HF1 today and just saw The Answer tonight and that's on it's way now!

Best part, for me at least, is my girlfriend is super cool with firearms and my getting quality holsters.

Rob is excellent to deal with and of course Tucker's quality is great.

Just wanted to vent some of my giddiness.