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Thread: No Weapon Posted at Yuma County Courthouse

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    So I was at Yuma County Courthouse with a friend last week, not carrying, and all the doors say No Weapons pursuant to ARS 13-3102. 3102 is Misconduct Involving Weapons and the only part I could find that relates is paragraph 10:

    10. Unless specifically authorized by law, entering any public establishment or attending any public event and carrying a deadly weapon on his person after a reasonable request by the operator of the establishment or the sponsor of the event or the sponsor's agent to remove his weapon and place it in the custody of the operator of the establishment or the sponsor of the event for temporary and secure storage of the weapon pursuant to section 13-3102.01; or

    The way I read it they can't prohibit my weapon, just me carrying it past the medal detector, and only then if they can provide secure on site storage. Assuming I'm correct...what does everyone think is the best course of action. A call or email to the courthouse or just showing up carrying?

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    I was called for jury duty a while back here in Maricopa County. I CC almost exclusively anymore. AsI am waiting in the Cattle line to check in, I was a bit concerned, but the "Safe Storage" law had recently been enacted. I get my photo ID and CWP out and show them to the detective herding us through the metal detector line. He pulls me out of the line and over to the storage bin area. I check in my firearm and my knife and recieve a claim ticket. When I was ready to leave later in the day, I was not selected, I presented my claim ticket, recieved my firearm and knife and ammo, yes I forgot to mention, my ammo pouch was also checked in, and off I went. I would think that Yuma County has to comply with Arizona Law, ie the "Safe Storage" law, so you might want to inquire about it next time you are at the courthouse. I noticed recently also that the local MVD office has storage facilities too.

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