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    Heres an experience traveling from Phoenix to anaheim.
    a few years back I was traveling from phoenix to anaheim to go to disneyland.
    being a former san diego resident i kind of knew that california has strick laws regarding guns.I decided that i didnt want to be an instant felon just because of an innocent mistake. I decided to leave my glock at my fathers home in arizona.
    I was traveling in my hyundai with idaho plates. did i mention i had a glock sticker on the rear bumper??? from the arizona line to anaheim i got pulled over 3 times and was asked multiple times if i had hi caps or a gun in the car? I stated that i did not.
    needless to say, I will not be traveling to california anytime soon.

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    What exactly did the Cops say were the reasons they pulled you over?

    "I pulled you over because you have out of state plates and a Glock sticker!" just won't hold up to Reasonable Articulable Suspiscion, not does it constitute Probable Cause.

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