Recently I purchased several boxes of 9mm Lugar, 115 gr. FMJ, PMC Ammunition.

At the range the first box of 50 performed very well. Five rounds of the next box were fine, but the seventh round failed to “seat” fully into the breech. I discovered that the previous round, the sixth, had caused the bullet to lodge in the barrel just forward of the breech. Had it lodged farther forward, allowing the next cartridge to seat, the consequences would not have been pleasant. I suspect the cartridge was loaded with an incorrect amount of powder.

PMC Ammunition of Houston seemed concerned until I asked them what they intended to do about the 2,900 rounds of ammo I had left. Their reply was “DON’T FIRE ANY MORE ROUNDS FROM THAT LOT NUMBER.” That was the end of their concern and the end of any further replies to my messages.

The Lot number is 9A-649, you may wish to check any PMC ammo you may have on hand as a precaution.