I was reading my city Muni Code and came across this, should I interpret it to be any large grassy area? There are several "parks" in my city that are maintained by the local association for which I pay my dues that AFAIK are not city property, but i'd rather not misinterpret this the wrong way which would result in real trouble for me.

12.04.100 Prohibition of firearms, fireworks and toy weapons.
No person shall carry or discharge firearms, firecrackers, rockets, torpedoes or other types of explosives, or carry or discharge any gun[/i], or pistol, or any sling shot or similar device, or any bows and arrows, or any other object capable of propelling a projectile, or carry or use any object calculated to make a noise sufficient to disturb the peace or quiet of the park, or bring into any park any of the above objects or articles. Fireworks may be permitted for special events only with formal approval from the community services commission and the fire department. (Ord. 93-19 ยง 11)