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Thread: OC vs, CC

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    A very good explanation of why one man prefers OC, and a lot of support for his words.

    Plus, as to be expected, a lot of nay-sayers.

    Worth wading thru the nay-sayers to get to the good parts.

    stay safe.

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    I find that post the most articulate informative and reasoned statement for OC I can remember reading. That post is experiencing similar resistance and denial as a recent experience I posted about.
    Poster replied to me to credit his THR ID and include his email. I hope to share this fruitfully with legislators and Judiciary representatives.
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    This quote I pasted below, writtenby a member of that forum is why the OCfight is so difficult. Because supposed gun owners and 2nd amendment supporters sound like they are reading a talking points memo from the brady bunch... I wonder sometimes who's side they are on because it certainly isn't on the side of freedom.

    "Personally I couldn't care less if you open carry or not. Why do you open carry people demand approval? You remind me of militant gay rights activists, it's not enough for you to have acceptance, you MUST have approval. Good luck with that.

    Also, if you think having a gun will deter all criminals you're a fool. Hardened gang members, meth heads, etc, etc, won't see that gun as a reason to leave you alone, they'll see it as a reason to attack you. They attack when they feel threatened, and an unknown person on their turf with a gun is threatening to them. They have numbers, they have no fear of death and some aren't human any longer. You can NOT expect them to behave like the muggers and stick up men from the 50's. But many open carry people deny this simple fact.

    Also, if you think you won't get negative attention then you've either been darn lucky or living in a coal mine. One of my best friends open carries and we've had three incidences in the last 5 years where there were some pretty unpleasant moments. And that's just when I was with him, I'm sure there have been others. Maybe you crave that kind of attention, God knows it takes all kinds to make up a world, but I for sure see it as a major drawback to open carry and it's the main reason why I don't.

    I'm not going to debate you point by point. Some of your points make sense, some are blinding wrong and you ignore other points entirely. There are pros and cons to open carry, denying the cons won't make them go away, but that seems to be your intended purpose. Again, good luck with that.

    I'm all for every good citizen carrying a gun, if open carry is your method I'm fine with that and I'll support your right to do it, but blinding yourself to the possible drawbacks of your chosen method is not a good thing."
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