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Thread: Firearms Related Issues FAQ - Per Michigan State Police

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    Firearms-related frequently raised issues
    What follows are the short answers to those firearms-related questions most often asked by police officers and the public.

    Open carry of firearms
    Subject to MCL 750.234d, it is legal to carry a visible pistol in public.

    Possession of a pistol belonging to another
    Per MCL 28.432, a person with a Concealed Pistol License (CPL) may legally possess a properly registered pistol belonging to another. The owner need not be present.

    Possession of pistols by non-residents
    A resident of another state may possess a pistol in Michigan if they have a CPL issued by their state of residence (MCL 28.432 & MCL 28.432a). Without a CPL, a nonresident may not have a pistol in Michigan.

    Safety Inspection Certificates
    Michigan law does not require a person to have a copy of their certificate with their pistol after it has been registered; nor does the law require that a person keep a copy.

    Transporting ammunition and long-guns
    MCL 750.227d describes the lawful way to transport a shotgun or rifle. While they must be unloaded, they may be transported in the same case as ammunition (including loaded magazines).

    CPL holders – required notifications
    The notification requirements of MCL 28.425f only apply when a CPL holder is actually carrying a concealed pistol. Nothing in Michigan law allows an officer to search a CPL holder to determine whether they are carrying a pistol.

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    GREAT post Doug

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    Where do I go to get my pistol 'registered'?

    I've had it 'safety inspected', but not 'registered'.

    Am I in violation of the MSP guidelines?

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    Now, now. At least the State police are being honest, and calling the "safety inspection" what it really is, registration.
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