I's a shame gun owners are being slammed these days. I will admit I'm a conservative. There is so much slamming back and forth between pro gun and anti gun supporters. Concealed or open carry... Now Obama wants to put some sort of Fed ban on weapons / carry. I've grown up around firearms all my life. In my opinion, OC is OK as well as concealed carry. As a law enforcement officer, I agree anyone that carries a weapon should pass the proper background checks, as well as try to have some sort of training with the firearm they will carry. I get sick of the politicians with all these CCW laws being accepted or not accepted from various states. If I stop someonegoing a little over the speed limit, and they have an out of state permit that Alabama doesn't accept, are they a criminal? I don't think so. Just because the 2 AG's of thestate haven't had coffee together and made the states reciprocal, doesn't make the traveller a criminal. I might run a crim. history to check that person, but that's about it. I wish all this fuss over permitsbetween states would straighten up. First of all, criminals aren'tgoing to obey the law anyway. To pass a criminal lawknowing it willonly affect law abiding citizens is downright stupid. In the20 years as an LEO, I can tell you I've seen more death and crime caused by alcoholic beverages than with firearms, many times more.Almostevery domestic violencecall I have been on had one or more of the parties intoxicated. Those that ended in someone shot or stabbed, the offender was usually intoxicated. Shoot'em ups at nightclubs the same way... Maybe a stupid statement but if the politicians want to ban something, ban alcoholic bev's., theyare related to a lot more deaths and crimeand broken homes around this area than handguns..

Sorry so long, just my 2 cents worth..

With respect,