Who'd be interested in getting together at the Texas Roadhouse (or similar) for some steaks & a free bucket-o-peanuts after a day shootin' up at Rampart?

Next time I'll have the geld for the gas & ammo is after the 1st, so the 4th would be an excellent time to do it. There'll probably be a LOT of yahoos up at Rampart on the 4th, but almost everyone leaves by 6-7pm. But there's a couple hours of daylight, enough time to cook off some rounds before it gets too dark, and time enough to go catch the fireworks afterwards. Hell, there's a sweet lookout spot about halfway back down Rampart Range Rd. that would make for a great vantage point to see the fireworks.

Besides Texas Roadhouse, I know of a great little BBQ joint in Old Town that's got great food, and outside patio (heated)for us smokers,is very affordable, and is a really laid-back place (I've OC'ed in there before, no worries).