Letters to the Observer

Educate the public about open carry laws
Thank you for the coverage on the legality of open carry in Utah (“Open carriers not gunshy,” June 8).

It portrayed handgun carriers as normal people who have a reasonable sense of family security, and a willingness to come to the aid of the public should they be needed.

As more people are educated, the less traumatic it will become as the public will see it has nothing to fear from a legally carried piece of steel.

In a prior letter, I acknowledged that open carry is legal in North Carolina. Now that the weather here is making a cover garment like a vest or long-sleeve shirt unbearable, I believe we are going to see more of our concealed carry licensed handgun owners going “topless,” you might say. I carry openly much of the time and have had no adverse comments, or been the cause of a “man with a gun” call.

I have had educational discussions with a few people who were interested if it was legal, and why did I do so.

One thought is, “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.” The police are stretched out too thin, and also do not have the obligation to protect each individual, so we must take care of ourselves. Criminals and gangs have no fear of our “justice” system anymore, and are increasingly terrorizing the unprotected.

Maybe a parallel article, with a North Carolina slant, might be of interest to your readers. Just a thought.

Ed Jones