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Thread: Scare the boogey man!

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    Lo I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil. Because I come prepared!

    My significant other had gone to Disney land with her family, this left me alone at home. So although for the first couple of days I was busy doing house chores, work , and the such after a while I get bored and starting asking questions, to those questions I found answers and this was what happened.

    Almost everyone has heard of or has a bag full of useful things in the event of an emergency. BUGOUT bags are often the reference, but I got to thinking and although they will become valuable when and a crises arises, why should the planning stop there? A lot of people sleep with a gun by the bed, maybe a flashlight and a reload. But when you are startled awake the last thing you should be doing is fumbling with equipment while your home and lives are in danger. So why not have a bag or sack for when you are sleeping? The problem I found is they could be quite cumbersome. What is needed is something small that can hold only the basics.

    What are the basics?

    Its anyones guess... What ever you have or can aquire will help but here are some ideas for your consideration.

    2 Flashlights: One larger rechargable one with a decent out put. Can be useful for after the incident or given to a partner if you do not need it. One of the newer tactical flashlights would be ideal for the second also a gun mounted light could serve for this purpose. This one would serve as the main light but either could be utilized as a spare incase of a malfunction.

    1 Knife or two. Its not so important to have two knives but on the chance you have a partner they may need one too!

    2 Spare reloads. This is more important for the autoloader group as magazines have a chance of failure, HK reloaders for a revolver or a speed strip are less prone to failure. But in all aspects more ammo is never a bad idea.

    Finally a Cell Phone is another great addition to your kit. Although there are numerous reasons that they could fail you must try to call the police and if you can only do so where you are standing/kneeling/sitting a portable phone is a must.

    I'm not going to argue the merits of sidearms vs rifle/SG's at this time. As I stated I was looking for something light weight, small and portable that you could carry easily and unhindered while clearing a house.

    Now that we have the basics down how do we carry it in a none cumbersome way? Well I rumaged through some old gifts and junk that was collected dust and I found this.

    I have no idea where it came from but is sure does look like it will work.

    It has a clip on the back, three compartments and clip on the front. Oh the possibilities! I don't know where I got this from but you can find similar things all over the place.

    So this is how I implimented it and I am very pleased it holds everything I feel I need, should I hear a bump in the night.

    I keep my bigger flashlight by this little (whatever you want to call it) and hand that to the little lady for her use and I can clip it to my boxers and off I go! I did not attach a picture of me in my boxers so you will have to trust that it works.

    Onto my next find!

    I found this website while I reading one of my many gun rags and thought it interesting. I pulled up the web address and almost fell out of my chair. Night Sights for $12?!? What did I have to loose? I ordered a set and waited patiently for them to arrive.

    They came in a brown manilla envolope and inside of this bubble wrapped parcel was a tiny little zip lock bag with a Q-tip, the instructions, business card and the product.

    Basically to sum it up, they are little dots about 1/38th of an inch that you put on or over your standard sights. They are not tritium they are luminesent and require a light "charge" in order to glow.

    Here is what they advertise.

    Nitesiters vs. Tritium
    Nitesiters are super photo luminescent, and not self luminescent, like Tritium. That means they need exposure to light before using them. The good news is, 10 minutes of sunlight, 20 minutes of close lamp light, or 5 minutes of Ultraviolet light is all it takes to provide many hours of luminosity. Charge Nitesiters before going out for the night, and they’ll stay charged until morning.. If you have a bedside firearm for home defense, we recommend that you keep a UV penlight or bright LED flashlight with your firearm so you can quickly charge it if necessary. Tritium sights are popular, but they are very expensive and almost impossible for the user to install. They are also dim compared with Nitesiters. Tritium sights are visible in total darkness, but can disappear in low to medium ambient light situations. Nitesiters remain visible in all lighting situations. They even improve sighting in broad daylight on many handguns. Nitesiters are a night sight alternative everybody can afford.

    This is what I will verify...

    With a ten second blast from my Surefire they last about two hours. They do continually get duller but still offer excellent visability through all stages. You must make sure that you give them equal amounts of light. If you hold the flashlight at just the base of your slide the rear lights will glow brighter than the front. I personally hold the light on the front and give the rear only a small dose of light. Overall for twelve bucks I don't think they can be beat. I don't have any firearms with tritium so I can't compare but I'm sure someone on here does and will. If you are on a budget and can't afford tritium this is a great option. I have had them on for about two weeks and so far so good. They didn't come off at the range and seem not to mind the holster abuse.

    I apologize in advance for my awful photo taking abilities but this roughly how they look.

    This picture really does not do them justice that are so much brighter in person.

    So this is my way (for now) of dealing with those bumps in the night. I hope this makes me one of the cool kids and I hope other people come up with other ways of doing this better.

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    I'm getting nitesiters......they don't claim to be tritium, and they aren't.....I have my 1911 now with tritium, and they are......different. Maybe brighter, I dunno, but you don't have to charge them. But these are great for 10 bucks and work on any gun.....many guns you can't get tritium for, and even if you could, it's an expensive proposition. And the guy that makes these seems to be really good at standing by his product. One ever quits working? Send him an email and he will replace it, free of charge. Falls off? Same thing. How often do we see a person willing to back their products like this anymore?

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    It has been recommended that you prepare in layers. Frank Borelli has a good set of bags that I have adjusted to meet my specific needs. No handcuffs in my immediate-response bag, but the zipties I have for other reasons could be pressed into service if the need arose.

    I have an immediate-response bag built around a canvas M-1917 holster (the military flap holster with the belt tunnel, not the brass hangers, for the 1911) that has a pouch with knife, lights, and 2 lightsticks around the backside, and canvas magazine holders around the front. Grab it by the loop and off I go.

    stay safe.

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    Everyone who doesn't have bug-out bag(s) or the like need to try a simple experiment.

    Get together a bag of weapons (guns, ammo, knives, flashlights, and other gear) that will enable you and a friend to survive in a randomly given calamity. See how long it takes. Now add in food, water, clothes, medical supplies, and other items you'd need.

    The eye-opening experience for me was when I went on a spur-of-the-moment trip away from home for a few days, and decided it prudent to put together an, ahem, emergency bag, given the unsure military/political climate in this country right now. It took me about 20 minutes, and was marginally sufficient. Not the 2 or 3 minutes we'd all like to think it would take.

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    Bugout bags are great! But I think perhaps I didn't clearify my idea.

    My aim was not so much to have a mini bugout bag, but rather to capitilize on the idea of them. Better yet forget all about the Bugout bag, think "Night Stand Pouch" Something small that you could throw over your shoulder or clip to your skivies and be ready for a night time encounter.

    The pouch I found has its flaws, with more thought placed into the concept I think I would rather have a shoulder strap vs a belt clip since I sleepin just boxers. Also for those whom preferless in their night attire I think a shoulder strap would be prudent.

    The idea is just to carry what you would need if someone broke into your residence in the wee hours of the night. You don't need (or want) a big duffle like bag to carry through your house at night while trying to decifer what that noise was that you heard.

    Admitedly you really shouldn't be clearing your house alone. But when you own pets and you hear a noise that doesn't repeat itself guessing the cat is not always so far fetched. And after a while you have three choices, call the cops, forget it and fall back asleep, or go check.

    That is where this bag/pouch comes into play.

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