Texans Petitioning To Carry Firearms

By: Christal Bennett

Load your holster and wear it proud.

If more than 7,000 people who signed this online petition get their way handguns in plain sight would be completely legal.

"Open Carry's got pros and cons," says Bill Titus.

Bill Titus teaches classes required to carry a concealed handgun.

He's the Vice President of the Texas State Concealed Handgun Association, but he's neutral on the idea of Texas becoming an open carry state.

"It's a good thing people are accustomed to seeing a firearm in plain sight, there's some real benefits to that. The negative in that is if you're up to no good you know who's carrying and who's not," says Titus.

The petition on sites eight reasons to allow open carry.

Among them the group believes it's a constitutional right.

"I think most other states in my experience expect Texas to be the wild wild west and when it's not, they're surprised. Texas is one of relatively few states that does not have some form of open carry," says Titus.

"I think it would cause a lot of nervous feelings to most people," says licensed gun owner Matt Harris.

Harris just earned his concealed permit. He's a strong advocate of the right to bear arms, but not in the open.

"I don't think it's a good idea because if you go into a restaurant or supermarket and see someone carrying a gun, I mean that's kind of disarming to a lot of people," says Harris.

But not to the thousands of people signing on to this petition and hoping to get the attention of state lawmakers.