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Thread: Harmons + Walmart + JB's

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    I open carried to Harmons in WVC and Walmart in South Salt Lake on the 22nd.

    I was going to my Brother in law's/sister's house tonight for dinner, and wanted to show them my new sidearm. They asked that I bring some salad and bread for dinner, so I stopped at Harmon's to get the items. I don't think anyone really noticed my sidearm because I didn't notice any stares, and the check out girl didn't say anything to me - very pleasant experience.

    At the house, after dinner, we went into the back to relax. My sister went into the house for about 5 minutes, and my Brother in law immediately asked to see my new sidearm. Until that point, neither had said anything about it being on my hip. I showed it to him after clearing the gun, and had it back in my holster by the time my sister came out.

    We started talking about guns and open carry as we went back into the house, and my sister finally asked if I was carrying. I was around her for over an hour and she never even realized that I had it (she's obviously condition white). She asked me questions about carrying (what if a bad guy sees it, can you really carry that, etc) and to my surprise she was very enthusiastic about it.

    I left and stopped off at Walmart around 10:15 in South Salt Lake to get things we were out of at my house. The place was PACKED. Again, I didn't notice anyone around me staring while I shopped, and talked to a store employee briefly who only saw my weak side. I got up to the front of the store to checkout at 10:30 and I was very aware of the people around me. I made sure to keep my hands on the cart handle and never got huffy even though there were soooo many people in line.

    I believe a Mexican man noticed my sidearm because he was hanging back from his family about 10 degrees of to my right, 10 feet away. He was kind of eyeing me and looking around which made me a little nervous. I kept my cool, and as his family got up to the checkout counter, he moved forward with them. They were gone, and my turn to pay for my things. No one said anything to me, no door greeter was there when I walked in, and no managers were called.

    I was very happy with this experience, and I'm glad no fuss was made.

    I open carried at JB's in WVC today and no fuss was made by the waitress. My parents arrived before I did so I had to sit strong side to the open side of the booth, but she never batted an eye or asked about it. My parents never realized I was carrying until I pointed it out to them even though it was in plain view on my hip. Must be that whole condition white thing. Its funny though, because they keep telling me "I don't see anyone carrying around the valley." If they can't see their own son doing it, I dunno who they expect to see doing it.

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    I've also had good experiences at Harmons.

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