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Thread: We've heard from KMart/Sears, what about other stores?

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    Out of curiosity, has anyone gotten any negative responses from other stores? Meijers, Wal-Mart, Kroger, Lowe's, Home Depot, where ever?

    I know that some stores (KMart/Sears, for example) do have some sort of policy like "concealed only", but I was curious about any other responses, lately. Specially now that Open Carry is starting to get more publicity.

    I know I've been in Aldi's Wal-Greens and Speedway, and other than a "nice piece" comment, no one said "boo" to me.

    I'm still working out my "lost pockets" issue, for when I do open carry. But that's a work in progress. But then I also need a different "political statement" type T-shirt.

    My usual shirts, that extol the virtues of concealed carry would be just a little bit out of place.
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    Home Depot is listed right below the Kmart response. I have talked directly to my local store here in Owosso. No problem, whatever state law allows. As far as other stores, here in owosso, I've been in most and no challenges in over 3yrs. Kroger, Sec. of State. Goodwill, Salvation army, Aldi's, VG's,Gilbert's hardware, all 3 of the Dollar store's, Tractor Supply. Just about everywhere. Dunham's doesn't mind, but gun must be un-loaded while in the store (per manager request when I asked).

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    I've been in the Frankenmuth Kroger, and had two managers check me out (one was runing the cash register and the other was bagging) and neither said a word.

    I haven't had any problems at places like walmart, meijer, kroger, etc.. The "security guard" at Target in Saginaw looked me up and down, but that was about it.

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