Thank you for the note.

I have forwarded your suggestions to my supervisor.

Robert E. Duggar
Public Liaison [Gun Owners of America - gunowners.org]

> Subject: Response to Supreme Court ruling, ideas for activism in NY state
> To whom it may concern,
> You know the outcome of U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in D.C. v. Heller case.
> I
> respectfully request that the governments of New York and New York City
> be challenged to respect the lawful citizens' rights as guaranteed by
> Second Amendment to possess pistols without heavy stipulation and/or
> penalties.
> This includes but not limited to:
> Request that
> proof of six-month residency required for legitimate handgun possession
> be abolished or reduced to one or two months of residency when the
> newcomers relocate to NY state to settle as new residents.
> Request
> that the state reduce unreasonable stipulations on obtaining the
> concealed carry permit, such as more than four references (in most
> county jurisdictions it is seven) and issue CCW permit in a reasonable
> time frame instead of waiting for months before news of reception or
> denial. Also the expense of permit application should be reasonable
> instead of cost prohibitive (NYC permit application costs upwards of
> 380.00 dollars)
> Request
> that the duty to retreat under specific circumstances, such as sudden
> home invasion and aggravated battery/robbery/mugging, be exempt where
> such duty to retreat would be difficult, if not impossible to state
> before action of deadly force is used.
> Request that the New York
> legislature repeal the stringent gun control state laws (such as no
> open carry for law-abiding cross country travelers/tourists who own
> their vehicles) by the state House and Senate that are clearly
> unconstitutional and disrespect the express design of the 2nd Amendment.
> Request that New York state establish recopricity to recognize out of state CCW permits.
> Etc.
> I would like to see New York state become a free state where the Constitution is respected.
> Thank you,