June 26, 2008
Supreme Court Shoots Straight On 2nd Amendment
Presidential Candidate Challenges Americans To Continue Pro-Gun Momentum By Rejecting Anti- Gun Obama & McCain
Grand Rapids, MI (June 26, 2008) The Constitution Party, ( the largest third party based on voter registration (Ballot Access News),applauds the recent Supreme Court decision upholding the basic right of Americans to own guns.(
Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin ( commented on Thursday’s ruling saying, “ The Supreme Court got this one right. While the ruling still contains elements gun owners should denounce,the justices acknowledged that the words “shall not be infringed” mean just what our Founders meant; and two centuries later the meaning of those words has not changed”.
Baldwin added, “Countless assaults against the right of the people to keep and bear arms by both Republicans and Democrats over the years have taken a toll through draconian gun laws and oppressive legislation which has slowly and steadily chipped away at Americans’ vital, God-given right to self-defense.”
Baldwin pointed to Republican Senator John McCain saying, “We would expect the Democrats and Obama to be against gun rights, but voters need to be reminded that The “conservative” Republican McCain was behind anti-gun legislation to restrict sales at gun shows at both federal and state levels”.
The pro- 2nd amendment group Gun Owners of America added:
‘This year it appears (McCain) is seeking to ’come home’ to the pro-gun community, but the wounds are deep.’
Chuck Baldwin noted: “ The Supreme Court decision is a sign of the political sea-change we’re seeing in our country. While government has no right to demand people pay for (gun)permits, jump through hoops and ask for permission to exercise their 2nd amendment rights,The Constitution and all it guarantees cannot be dismissed and won’t be when voters decide in November they’d like to see a return to the basics in their presidential candidate…and I am that candidate.”