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Thread: OC in other states

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    This is my first post here. I love this site from first sight. I am all about open care EVERYWHERE. I find forums to be a great source of knowledge and I'm sure OCDO is no exception. I have spent 8 of the last 36 hours reading here and can’t wait to read more. I am so glad a friend sent me this website and I'm passing' it out left and right. I've blogged about it and sent emails too; you’re doing God’s work here, THANKS.

    My question is, “If I leave a non-Open Carry state, Arkansas, with a CHL, and go to a state that allows open carry, May I participate? I have read hundreds of random things here and looked a bit for this issue but haven't found it yet. any advice or links to past post would be greatly appreciated

    States that Recognize Arkansas Concealed Handgun Licenses

    The State of Arkansas has obtained memorandums of agreements with other states that enable valid concealed handgun license holders from each state (listed below) to carry a concealed handgun in the reciprocal state. An Arkansas concealed handgun license holder visiting one of the reciprocal states must obey all laws of a reciprocating state when exercising concealed handgun privileges. License holders are strongly encouraged to check for any changes in the laws of a reciprocating state before visiting that state and exercising concealed handgun privileges. Arkansas concealed handgun license laws do not supersede another states laws. Arkansas law requires that the reciprocal state have concealed handgun regulations at least as restrictive as the Arkansas regulations. There may be any number of reasons reciprocity agreements for concealed handgun licensing do not exist with states not found in the drop-down menu (below). The most common reasons are 1.) a disparity in training requirements, 2.) lack of specific background checks measures, or 3.) lack of pre-requisites for application.

    Included in the list are:

    Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Deleware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana (state only), Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Minnesota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia & West Verginia

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    In many states you don't even need a license to begin with to open carry, such as Nevada. But since Nevada recognizes your permit, that gives you the added advantage of being able to conceal a handgun in NV in addition to the open carry which everyone in Nevada is allowed to do.

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