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Thread: I hate asking for help.....

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    I'm going to be travelling from Olympia, WA to southern New Mexico...

    A really close friend of mine had been involved in a domestic abuse situation that she can't get out of, she's a mess, and I NEED to be there for her.... getting a plane doesn't make sense since I'm going to need to drive around, it'd make more sense to drive down there, but it's about 1500 miles each way, and with gas the way it is, it's gonna cost about 300$ each way...

    Problem is, I don't get paid until Friday, and I can't wait that long..

    I don't have any family to call on, and I REALLY hate asking for help, but in this situation, I need it..

    What I'm asking for, is if ANYONE is around my planned route, that could even chip in 5$ , it'd help immensely.

    I have about 200$ in my bank account, until Friday, which won't even cover gas down there.. I have 300$ in my paypal account, but that won't help me NOW because it takes 3 days to transfer into my bank account...

    I'm stressed out, I HAVE to get to her, but I need some help doing so..

    I can PM my cellphone number to anyone that's willing to help.. It's a 24 hour drive, and I plan on heading out in about 3 hours or so...

    To make things even WORSE, is she's going into surgery on Tuesday to take care of a tubal pregnancy, because the A-hole that's been beating her up rarely used condoms.

    MODS: If there's a problem with my post, please PM me, I'll also give you more information if need be, this is a legitimate situation.
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    Those situations suck. I hope you are (and it sounds like you are) aware that she will might keep going back to that loser despite your repeated efforts. Be there for her, but don't expect it to be over, even if she says it is.

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