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Thread: Open carry in Oregon

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    So im new to this.. I just discovered this site today (June 30 2008) and I have been Reading alot of the information on open carry and alot of it has been very helpful... But iv come across a few posts that are some wat confussing.. One i have read is where an 18 year old Person Open carries a hand gun... I was under the impression that you had to be 21 to even purchase a hand gun... and open carrying one under the age of 21 would be completely Stupid correct? The posts was this one...

    The kid says he just graduated HS and went out and bought a Handgun and then open carried it and all was fine... Being he just graduated that would make him 18 im guessing? and it aginst the law for him to even posses a handgun..

    Im always looking for new information on open carry cause its a subject that really intrests me. I got my CHL about a year ago and i conceal carry pretty much everywhere i go... and i have open carried a few times.. but im still a lil nervus on attracting attention from police and other people...

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    Federal law prohibits the sale of handguns to those under 21 by federally licensed dealers ("FFLs"), but does not prohibit the private (person-to-person) sale of handguns to non-felons under 21. State law may vary.

    Mere possession of a handgun by those under 21 is not against federal law, however; (again) state law may vary.

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    I started open carrying the day I turned 18.

    I also know you can possess a handgun at age 18 in Oregon. I passed through Malheur County on my way to Idaho.

    Also, check out this map that shows the minimum ages to OC:

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    VERBATUM [/b]-- cut/paste, straight off the Oregon web site:

    166.250 Unlawful possession of firearms.[/b] (1) Except as otherwise provided in this section or ORS 166.260, 166.270, 166.274, 166.291, 166.292 or 166.410 to 166.470, a person commits the crime of unlawful possession of a firearm if the person knowingly:[/b] (a) Carries any firearm concealed upon the person;
    (b) Possesses a handgun that is concealed and readily accessible to the person within any vehicle; or
    (c) Possesses a firearm and:
    (A) Is under 18 years of age;
    (B)(i) While a minor, was found to be within the jurisdiction of the juvenile court for having committed an act which, if committed by an adult, would constitute a felony or a misdemeanor involving violence, as defined in ORS 166.470; and
    (ii) Was discharged from the jurisdiction of the juvenile court within four years prior to being charged under this section;
    (C) Has been convicted of a felony or found guilty, except for insanity under ORS 161.295, of a felony;
    (D) Was committed to the Department of Human Services under ORS 426.130; or
    (E) Was found to be mentally ill and subject to an order under ORS 426.130 that the person be prohibited from purchasing or possessing a firearm as a result of that mental illness.
    (2) This section does not prohibit:
    (a) A minor, who is not otherwise prohibited under subsection (1)(c) of this section, from possessing a firearm:
    (A) Other than a handgun, if the firearm was transferred to the minor by the minor’s parent or guardian or by another person with the consent of the minor’s parent or guardian; or
    (B) Temporarily for hunting, target practice or any other lawful purpose; or
    (b) Any citizen of the United States over the age of 18 years who resides in or is temporarily sojourning within this state, and who is not within the excepted classes prescribed by ORS 166.270 and subsection (1) of this section, from owning, possessing or keeping within the person’s place of residence or place of business any handgun, and no permit or license to purchase, own, possess or keep any such firearm at the person’s place of residence or place of business is required of any such citizen. As used in this subsection, “residence” includes a recreational vessel or recreational vehicle while used, for whatever period of time, as residential quarters.
    (3) Firearms carried openly in belt holsters are not concealed within the meaning of this section.
    (4) Unlawful possession of a firearm is a Class A misdemeanor. [Amended by 1979 c.779 §4; 1985 c.543 §3; 1989 c.839 §13; 1993 c.732 §1; 1993 c.735 §12; 1999 c.1040 §1; 2001 c.666 §§33,45; 2003 c.614 §8]


    166.260 Persons not affected by ORS 166.250.[/b] (1) ORS 166.250 does not apply to or affect:[/b]
    (a) Sheriffs, constables, marshals, police officers, whether active or honorably retired, parole and probation officers or other duly appointed peace officers.
    (b) Any person summoned by any such officer to assist in making arrests or preserving the peace, while said person so summoned is actually engaged in assisting the officer.
    (c) The possession or transportation by any merchant of unloaded firearms as merchandise.
    (d) Active or reserve members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard or Marine Corps of the United States, or of the National Guard, when on duty.
    (e) Organizations which are by law authorized to purchase or receive weapons described in ORS 166.250 from the United States, or from this state.
    (f) Duly authorized military or civil organizations while parading, or the members thereof when going to and from the places of meeting of their organization.
    (g) A corrections officer while transporting or accompanying an individual convicted of or arrested for an offense and confined in a place of incarceration or detention while outside the confines of the place of incarceration or detention.
    (h) A person who is licensed under ORS 166.291 and 166.292 to carry a concealed handgun.
    (2) Except for persons who are otherwise prohibited from possessing a firearm under ORS 166.250 (1)(c) or 166.270, ORS 166.250 does not apply to or affect:
    (a) Members of any club or organization, for the purpose of practicing shooting at targets upon the established target ranges, whether public or private, while such members are using any of the firearms referred to in ORS 166.250 upon such target ranges, or while going to and from such ranges.
    (b) Licensed hunters or fishermen while engaged in hunting or fishing, or while going to or returning from a hunting or fishing expedition.
    (3) The exceptions listed in subsection (1)(b) to (h) of this section constitute affirmative defenses to a charge of violating ORS 166.250. [Amended by 1977 c.207 §1; 1991 c.67 §36; 1993 c.735 §1; 1995 c.670 §2; 1999 c.1040 §3]


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