Yet another story on KSL about this non-issue. Non the gov is ok with
non-res permits, but wants to require the applicant to travel to Utah,
stay in our hotels, etc in order to take the class and get the permit.

Of course, we already require instructors to come to Utah to get
certified. Why not let them continue to go out into the world (not
unlike LDS missionaries) to teach people where ever they may be?
Then, after 60 days, with a permit in hand, the permit holder will
have a reason to visit Utah over, say Colorado where their permit is
not valid. "Get a permit, then bring it and your self defense to Utah
to ski, hike, recreate, or do business," ought to be our motto.

And, yet again, neither Huntsman nor KSL can articulate ANY specific
problems with our current system. Interesting that Huntsman didn't
seem to have nor voice any of these concerns PRIOR to the most recent
GOP convention.

Comments so far are running mostly in our favor. But if you've got a