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    Well, I'mresiding at Colorado for the last ten years. My name is Alex.

    Though I’ve an old model of Gun, I want to know about the New (Most Recently) Models.

    Please share information about new models, if you know.

    I cannot post about any new models that mean I fully depend on you.




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    I just bought two SIG GSRs, 1911 style. One is full sized, the other Commander slide, Officer's Model frame. The 2nd pistol, called a C3, has the slide going back to SIG because it shot low. They are putting a new adjustable rear sight on it for free--also paying shipping both ways. That will solve the issue. They were late answering a question by email, apologized and are sending me a magazine to make up for the tardiness. The full sized, rail model, is right on in sighting. Never have seen better customer service. SIGs aren't cheap, but the quality is there, they look great, and with service backing up what they sell, they cannot be beat. If you have $1000 to spend, and want a 1911 style, they would be at the top of my list. Their other conventional (for SIG) styles have a reputation for quality, accuracy and reliability. But I like the 1911, as well as my Hi-Power, Browning designs, hence the two SIGs.

    If you were looking for a revolver, I think Taurus is hard to beat for what they charge and what you get. I have a new M-85 .38Spl +P 2" barrel that I really like. Cheaper pistols: Bersa Firestorms can't be beat for the money. I have the Mini-9 and love it. Hope this helps.
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    Depending on where you're at in CO, there's public ranges that offer firearm rentals so you can try various makes and models. I would start there.
    Family Shooting Center in Cherry Creek Park has a decent selection of the popular sidearms and long guns for rent and the staff is very helpful.
    Good luck and welcome to the forums!

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