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Thread: OC w/ IWB MTAC

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    Hello everyone this is my 1st posting on this site. I have been a long time reader/poster over at Def. Carry.

    My question is this I have an MTAC IWB for my DW CBOB (4 1/4" 1911) in .45acp.

    I am going to be down in the Virginia Beach area for a couple weeks later this month.

    Is this a suitable holster for OC ( going to submit PW for nonres permit while there) or should I look for something with some sort of retention i.e thumbbreak.

    and if so any suggestions? I very much like IWB but if that is going to be problematic concerning, "how much has to show to still be considered OPEN/NOT CONCEALED" I will consider OWB.

    BTW is condition one going to be an issue?

    Thanks in advance

    Mike V

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    In the great state of Virgnia, the only requirement is that it is clearly discernible to a reasonable person that you are carrying a handgun. By that definition, and by the accounts of many people who have posted on this site, IWB is perfectly. Just make sure that at least the grip of the weapon is exposed and you should be okay.

    P.S. By the way, welcome to OCDO!

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