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Thread: CCW In Las Cruces

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    Anyone that could suggest a GOOD CCW class In Las Cruces
    I would be greatful

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    I can't suggest any off the top of my head, but you can check the Dandy Dime classifieds. They will have adds for them when classes are forming.

    Or call Custom Cartridge, the will probably know something.

    Personally, I refuse to go concealed. I don't like asking permission to practice a right...JMHO.

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    If you are looking for a good concealed carry instructor, I think you may have found one. I am DPS instructor #37, George Shrader. I am currently a law enforcement certified firearms instructor for the state of New Mexico, a NRA certified firearms instructor for rifle pistol, shotgun and personal protection.

    I have been teaching the New Mexico Concealed Carry course since it began as law. I am a police officer with the New Mexico Mounted Patrol and teach firearms in the police academy; therefore I am qualified to teach the firearms laws of New Mexico, which only a very small number of instructors can do.

    I have an extensive knowledge of firearms as I am a certified Glock Armorer, with 9 yearspast experience as a gunsmith building firearms. I still tinker with firearms and serve as the Troop armorer.

    I have taught 46 groups (over 245 students) the New Mexico Concealed Carry Course, fingerprinting them and preparing them for their concealed carry permit.

    I believe I have the best credentials for teaching firearms of any instructor in the state. I retired as an Air Traffic Controller from Denver, moved to Las Cruces and joined the Mounted Patrol 14 years ago, so I have over 45 years experience teaching controller and flight students before teaching firearms 13 years ago.

    If you would like you can contact me at: for additonal info.

    Thanks, I hope to hear from you soon.

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