Just wondering if any of you OC in Kansas city Limits. I belive there is no law against it. I have not as of yet but thought about it while walking at night. I have CCW but thought about OC. Just wondering about the reception anyone has gotten from PCPD.

We had a recent break in next door and when the officers were over talking to us to see if we noticed anything out of the normal over the weekend. I got the impression this cop would respond favorably. I Informed him thatmy wife and Iwere more apt to just blast someone breaking intoour houseif wewere home. I got the feeling from his response and a short chat with him that he was all for citizens defending themselves and carrying.He was pretty frustrated that even if they caught thefool that they would most likely only get probation and would be back on the job as soon as they could find a house to rob. Did not ask how he felt about OC though.

Duh how did I miss the post below this one ????