Currently, the state of Oregon engages in the following forms of discrimination:

1) State of Oregon only allows residents of CONTIGUOUS states to apply. Californians, Washingtonians, Idahoans, and Nevadans can apply, Arizonans, Utahn's, and Montanan's cannot.

2) Even if you a resident of a contiguous state, you are subject to a may-issue statute which requires a "business or legitimate demonstrated need".

3) If you're a non-citizen of the United States, you cannot apply to any jurisdiction at all under the provisions of ORS 166.291. The Sheriff can only waive the residency requirement residents of CONTIGUOUS state, not the citizenship requirement, and the state requires that a non-citizen live in a county for 6 months, and declare to the Immigration services that you make citizenship in the United States, which may trigger your deportation depending on your status.

4) The law, as purely worded, does not give you the right to appeal a revocation or denial of the non-resident CHL issued to contigious state residents. By it's own words, it requires application to the court of the person's residence, which leaves out of staters SOL.

The good news is that this can be challenged similar to the recent case against the Georgia Probate Courts by Even better, at least for 9th circuit, is that using the 2nd amendment isn't even neccesary, it would be a pure "privileges and immunities" challenge. If the state loses in the United States District Court for Oregon, and appeals, it goes up to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which means that a P&I holding requiring a state to accept license applications from all US residents would have a wider effect than just Oregon. Take a guess which state I'm talking about.

I cannot sue them myself. I currently possess a CHL, and there's been no attempt to deny a renewal for my CHL. I am a US Citizen, and there's been no attempt to revoke my CHL.

Here's what I need: I need to collate a list of people who want to apply for an Oregon Concealed Handgun license (which functions as an open carry license in the "loaded carry ban cities" as well as an open carry license for public buildings), but cannot do so due to the following reasons:

1) Not a US Citizen but resident in a contigious state
2) Not a Resident of a Contigious state.
3) US Citizens of a contigious state who are willing to apply to a jurisdiction that flat out refuses to issue to non-residents.

This will be specifically put into a round file for future use of people ready to go. It may require going to an Oregon county and applying for a license and being denied once funding has been secured.

Feel free to PM me if you want to keep your personal information off the board.

-Lonnie Wilson

P.S. I post this in Utah due to the fact that outside of the west coast region (CA, OR, WA), you have the most active open carriers.