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Thread: Oregon police out of control

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    “These police officers need to be held accountable,” Michaels said during a news conference held at City Hall to announce the complaint’s filing. “We’re hoping this keeps the light shining on these officers … for assaulting and nearly killing” Van Ornum.

    Eugene police have said they arrested Van Ornum, who helped organize the anti-pesticide rally, after he asked officers if they wanted to be poisoned. Witnesses said Van Ornum was speaking rhetorically, referring to pesticide dangers.

    Meanwhile, one witness told KGW the shooting was the closest thing to an assassination attempt that he's ever seen.

    “Seven people don't empty their guns into somebody without intention of killing them,” said witness Dave Langley.
    The driver, later identified as Rocky Brown, 38, of Vancouver, was going the speed limit but would not pull over for police. Then, officers said the driver pulled over near the intersection of 58th Street and 199th Avenue and the two passengers got out.

    But Brown took off again and police followed. Eventually, police said the Bronco turned around and headed right for them. The driver headed directly at deputies and officers who said they then fired multiple gun shots at the vehicle.

    A Silverton policeman will remain behind bars as the courts process sex abuse charges against him and investigators ready a case for a grand jury that will consider the killing of a 20-year-old Irish citizen.

    Officer Tony Gonzalez, who fatally shot an Irish national during a burglary call earlier this month, was arraigned in court Tuesday on sex abuse charges.
    this piece of @#$% also shot and killed another person "in the line of duty" in the last couple of years.

    Portland police officers say a staffing crisis is ruining their morale. In response, city leaders are coughing up a half-million dollars for emergency overtime expenses.
    Officers are encouraged at talk of a pay increase.

    how about a staff and pay cut. our cities and state would be much safer

    this is a little old...

    Officers wrote in their reports that Waterhouse ran off, they chased and then bean-bagged and Tasered him. One officer wrote, "He had refused to drop the camera which could be used as a weapon."
    oops, dang that pesky video tape. no wonder they got so angry

    if you're asking how this is relevant to open carry. it further illustrates our absolute need for firearms.

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    I agree that things like this are an ABSOLUTE reason why we need LESS police officers, and MORE citizens carrying firearms to protect themselves and others in the community.

    However, if you're suggesting we need firearms to protect ourselves from the police, good luck. Although armed citizens surrounding an out-of-control cop abusing his power at gunpoint makes a great mental picture, I'm not aware of any cases where anyone has been able to arrest a cop (except another cop) or shoot a cop in self-defense and get away with it.

    ...Don't Taze me Bro!...
    ...*ZZTTAKTAKTAKTAKTAKTAK* (Taser sound) URRRRGH!!!...
    ...You're Under Arrest...
    ...*click* *shick* *clack* (sound of multiple guns being drawn)...
    ...No, I don't think he is, officer...


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    I was not pleased when I found out the Staties had trained at Blackwater back in 2007. Why a citizen funded LEO group that mainly focuses on traffic violations needs to be trained by ex-military operators is beyond me.

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