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Thread: NC/GA reciprocity

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    OK , I've looked through a million posts here and haven't seen it so I'll just ask to confirm. Since NC has reciprocity with GA can I OC/CC just the same in NC as I can in GA? The reason I'm asking is that I will be travelling through NC on my way to VA on my motorcycle and will be carrying OC all the way ( except SC of course ). I have read where OC is possible in NC and VA ( only OC for me in VA ) and was wondering if CC was ok in NC for me also with a GFL.

    any help is appreciated

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    If you are carryingconcealed yourGFL is reciprocalin North Carolina but unlike Georgia you do not need a permit to open carry here. Since you have been going through other posts I assume you know that a lot of places are off limits here that are not off limits in Georgia including establishments that serve alcohol. Have a good trip.

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