I want to add quotes from Chiefs, Sherrifs, Local Prosecuting Attorneys, Michigan AG, etc. saying that open carry is legal and/or local ordinances in regards to firearms are illegal. I need their name, title, theentire email or a reference to a letter with the date and were the quote is from, e.g. a newspaper, letter, email...you get the idea.

Thanks for your help, Brian

I have posted these so far.

Burton Police Chief John Benthall said "I have researched this every way I can and I cannot find any law against it."[/b] From the Flint Journal; 6/14/08

City of Ypsilanti Assistant Attorney, Karl A. Barr: “I have reviewed the matter and you are correct that State Law preempts the City ordinance with regard to handguns.” (Email response July, 2008)