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Thread: Vacationing in Platinum in a couple weeks

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    So I'm vacationing in Platinum in a couple of weeks (part of the wife's family lives out there in BFE) and aside from the fact that it's extremely remote, I don't know what kind of laws there are on firearms in alaska.

    I don't have any handguns (sorry, this isn't technically OC related I guess), but I'm hoping to bring my ar15 and .22LR (cheaper to shoot ) with me, and order some ammunition tonight and ship it there so it doesn't have to count as one of my bags on the flight.

    Any laws I should be aware of? In Seattle I have a difficult time even finding a range I can shoot my AR15 at, so I'm hoping that the laws and attitude toward this sort of thing are pretty libertarian-ish in Alaska.

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    Hello and welcome to the forum. I would honestly recommend that you read the threads on the Alaska page on this site pertaining to firearm laws and shooting ranges. There are links in those threads that should give you all of the information you need. If you have any further detailed questions, you may PM me, or any of the other Alaskan's that use this site as everyone is most helpful.

    Good luck.
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    most of your indoor ranges here will allow you to fire the .223

    browse threw the threads here to get a feel for the laws. Its fairly simple around here.

    Like flint said, if you have more pressing questions pass one of us a PM. or ask in the forum.

    I unfortunately don't get to this board as much as I wish anymore but I do make it a point to at least once a week.

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