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    This month marks the end of the first year of my "coming out of the closet" for OC'ing here in Virginia. It was tentative at first, filled with trepidation and anxiety. But within a few weeks+ things started to settle down and it quickly became obvious that OC'ing here is not really a big deal. I just read my "break out" postings and it was kinda funny and also somewhat informative. Lot's of support from some very nice people on this site. But I still see a bit of a problem that could be put to bed.

    There is still no where enough of us out there OC'ing in public to help spread the "word" and set the tone that all is well and Ok with good people carrying arms. This site, and others, have done a great job in getting the word out and getting people. like myself, to carry their arms openly and proudly. Two distinct purposes are served by doing this.

    Other people who see this more and more, will come to accept it as normal behavior and actually support it. And two, the BG's will be a bit more careful and selective when chosing their targets.

    For me, one year has passed and I have this site and the good people one it, in particular those who live in my area, to thank for getting me started on this interesting and liberating journey. Let's try to get more into the fold as it will help all of us in the long run.

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    I'll be starting next weekend when two of my Richmond friends come up to visit. Kinda excited

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    richarcm wrote:
    I'll be starting next weekend when two of my Richmond friends come up to visit. Kinda excited
    Read and print out your Wal-Mart map Unfortunately, I think Stop #1 has been discontinued. No Nachos For You.

    stay safe.

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