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Thread: Which spring tension for XD 9mm quide rod?

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    I have NO idea how my old original got bent, but I need to purchase a new guide rod/recoil spring assembly for my Springfield XD 9mm 4". I bought the gun used, so I guess it probably came this way. Anyway, I found one made by Wolff for $27.95 and I need to know which spring tension to buy. There is 17lb, 19lb, and 21lb options. I am assuming that since it's a 9mm, I would need the 17lb one, but I just want to make sure... can someone confirm this for me? Thanks a bunch!

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    You might want to contact Springfield Armory first as they may replace it free under warranty.

    Isn't the stock XD9 service guide rod/spring a sealed 2 spring assembly?

    Lastly, I think the stock spring is 18lbs.
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