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Thread: Is this an OC encounter?

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    I've been carrying OC off and on much of my life. More often CC, as it has always avoided any bug-eyed fanaticism.
    After reading here a while, decided to carry OC again.
    An early visit, to the local Community College. Needed to drop by Security cause I needed thier assistance.
    It so happened a buddy was on-duty. He says, "You dog- you do that just to stir the pot" with a grin.
    I said, "You know it, especially after the conversation with the Admin of Justice and Emergency Services Dept Chairs. They wanted to keep the state law a secret. I wanted every Instructor that was able to carry open. We've had several threats on campus the last year, and I'm sick of evacuating the campus"

    Stopped by several businesses that sometimes get fidgety. At the bank, the only male clerk gives me the look- I don't know if he's running for the alarm or the bathroom to poop himself. I know every other teller in there by name. After cordial conversation, maybe he thinks it's OK now. But he still gives me the stink eye when I go in.
    The local Walmart- more looks from customers than employees. The gang wannabees stare. I think they don't know whether to make me as LE or not. Old guy, short haircut, black Teeshirt tucked in and Glock hanging out of CQC.
    Wandered thru a couple pawn shops. Not a glance.
    Been in the local Haggen's now numerous times. I get not a few funny looks, but no comments.
    Today an "encounter"
    A couple, maybe 25, walk by. He sees the pistol and bug-eyes. Actually turns around and follows. That makes me a bit nervous, as someone intent on the pistol AND following has the only angle for a grab.
    I turn around and ask "Do you have a question?"
    He says, "Yeah, what barrel you got in that Glock?"
    It's a stainless barrel with a comp that hangs under the CQC.
    I tell him it's a Storm Lake.
    He starts that he's been thinking about one of those. We compare notes for a bit and find he has a Model 20, too.
    Somehow in all the info exchange, I fail to give him the WA gun rights pamphlet and OCDO card in my hip pocket.
    Gotta remember to do that!
    I'll be on the lookout for them in Haggen's from now on.
    Thought y'all might like to hear of the other end of OC worries....... :celebrate

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    Lots of good stuff, Hammer. Sounds kind of like my general experiences.

    Carry, on!
    B.S. Chemistry UofWA '09

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    Very good Hammer.Although my oc experience has been ati climactic thus far .The dirty look I recieved was from the tree hugging birkenstock wearing CA.liberal touristthat is always the first to preach rights except yours.

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