I cannot find a single case in which a person was arrested for openly carrying a holstered firearm.

Here are some partial concealment cases.

Daniels v. City of Gulfport, 146 Miss. 517, 112 So. 686 (1927). Woman had a gun concealed under her arm, partially visible. Conviction for carrying concealed upheld.

Reed v. State, 199 So.2d 803 (Miss. 1967). Man had a gun in his right hip pocket, and the officer saw the outline of the pistol.

Powell v. State, 184 So.2d 866 (Miss. 1966). Pistol partly concealed on seat is concealed (case does not detail how it was concealed, and it is not clear that this would survive the 1991 amendment to the statute in any event).

Morgan v. Town of Heidelberg, 246 Miss. 481, 150 So.2d 512 (Miss. 1963). Revolver hidden under leg while seated in car.

Watts v. State, 196 So.2d 79 (Miss. 1967). Pistol was under the seat, sticking out so that part was visible and part was not.

Rankin v. State, 636 So.2d 652 (Miss. 1994). Johnny “Catfish” Rankin had a dark handled pistol in the back of his pants, Mexican carry, with a hooded jacketpulled over it to cover it.

Now, I am not saying "go out and openly carry without a license," :shock:but if somebody has an actual case of an arrest for a holstered, openly carried pistol that was upheld on appeal, well, I think we all would like to see it.