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Thread: Letter to Human Resources at a Connecticut State Agency

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    As some of you may or may not know, firearms are prohibited in all state buildings by a Violence Prevention in the Workplace Policy (something along those line, I have to get the specific policy name). This policy does not appear to show up in the CT General Statutes however it was signed into effect by ex-Gov. Rowland in 1999. The policy applies to all state agencies and buildings. The only CT General Statute that specifically prohibits weapons is in or around any building housing a member or the department of the Connecticut General Assembly.

    Iam a seasonal employee at the CT Dept. of Environmental Protection, a state agency housed in a public building in Hartford. My letter is to a human resources representative who is in charge with dealing with the Policy in question. The letter has not been submitted yet but will be tomorrow. Names will be "X"ed out to protect the certain HR representative.

    Please feel free to respond with any comments or criticisms.


    Ms. XXXXX:
    Greetings. My name is Clark J. Filip. I am a seasonal employee at the DEP, Inland Water Resources Division. The purpose of this email is to voice concern about the Violence Prevention in the Workplace Policy (“VPWP”) and how I believe it infringes upon state employee’s constitutional rights.

    The section of the policy that I question specifically is the prohibition of weapons, especially firearms. Although I believe that the regulation of weapons and firearms in the workplace is legitimate to help insure violence is avoided, I also believe that those employees who wish to exercise their 2nd Amendment right under privilege of a valid Connecticut State Permit to Carry Pistols and Revolvers should be allowed to do so. You may be aware of the recent ruling and reaffirmation by the U.S. Supreme Court that Americans have the right to keep and bare arms, a right that Americans have had since the inception of this country.

    That being said I believe that the VPWP must be amended and/or arrangements be made to ensure employee’s constitutional rights are protected.

    Employment and commuting to and from one’s place of employment is one of the greatest time consuming activities in one’s life for the majority of citizens. Statistically speaking, that creates one of the greatest probabilities that a situation will arise where one will need to defend one’s life.
    As a holder of a valid Connecticut State Permit to Carry Pistols and Revolvers, a citizen who wishes to exercise the right to keep and bare arms, and a state employee, I am not permitted by the VPWP to carry my sidearm at work. As a commuter who either rides a motorcycle or utilizes public transportation to and from work, my weapon cannot be secured in a car. Security services at the DEP do not provide a safe or vault for employees to “check” their weapon in the lobby.

    If you have any question or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me at extension XXXX or by email.


    Clark J. Filip

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    First off, it's "bear arms," not "bare arms." Whether or not you wear a long-sleeved shirt is immaterial to the subject at hand.

    Second, if you're going to cite any constitutional authority, use the state constitution instead of the U.S. Constitution.

    Third, if it's an Executive Order to all state agencies concerning terms of employment, changing or modifying it would have to take place at the executive level, something way beyond the capabilities of an agency HR head.

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    Yes, i would cite the State Constitution...but Jodi Rell would need to do this..which she won't...the best u can hope for is Jim Amman (D-Milford)..the former speaker of house to be elected Governor in 2010...he is very pro-gun....

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