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Thread: Safety Rest Stop Bathrooms?

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    One requirement for pc171b to be off limits to UOC is that:

    (1) It is a building or part of a building owned or leased by the
    state or local government, if state or local public employees are
    regularly present for the purposes of performing their official
    A state or local public building includes, but is not
    limited to, a building that contains a courtroom.
    Does the fact that occasionally a janitor is there to maintain it or a peace officer is there to monitor it make a restroom in a "Safety Rest Area" an off-limits government building?

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    Good on you! for reading the statutes!!! We kicked this one around at one of our dinner meetings (not really dinner conversatoin though) 171 isa felony so just to be safe piss in public on the outside of the building! That's only a misdemeanor:P.

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    In SC there was some question about rest areas so the legislature passed the following.
    (F) This section does not apply to a person who is authorized to carry concealed weapons pursuant to Article 4, Chapter 31 of Title 23 when upon any premises, property, or building that is part of an interstate highway rest area facility.
    Article 4, Chapter 31 of Title 23 simply means you have a CWP.

    How it is interpreted in other states I do not know but it certainly could be in the manner the OP questioned.

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